If a patients loses, or already has a missing tooth, then this can be replaced by a single implant . The implant has a similar shape to that of a natural tooth root and is placed into a similarly shaped hole in the jaw bone. The bone integrates (attaches and surrounds) the implant so that after healing a crown may be attached to the implant. Each crown on an implant is usually custom-made so that it matches and enhances the surrounding teeth. This is a permanent solution to the problem of a missing tooth.

Implant Treatment

If you have good general health , then implants are likely be suitable for you. However, smoking and excessive alcohol intake can affect the success rate, as these habits inhibit the healing of the bone and tissues around the implant. You may be advised to reduce or give up these habits before embarking on implant treatment. It is also important that the adjacent teeth and gums are in good health and at your initial consultation Siobhan will examine your mouth as a whole and discuss’s and advise you on possible treatments. All implants and other options will be discussed with you at your consultation and a complete treatment plan given to you to consider.