Many of our patients want their teeth to be lighter than they have become, through staining or discolouration with age. Tooth whitening is a good way to do this without altering the shape and structure of the teeth. We offer the treatment, which can lighten teeth by up to 8 shades in an hour. The gel is accurately placed onto the teeth by the dentist and then activated with light. Most teeth can reach the desired colour in two to three applications, which takes around an hour to carry out.

Tooth whitening is also a popular way to brighten a smile that may be naturally dark or yellow. Tooth whitening is a simple treatment and yet can create a lighter-looking, beautiful smile.

Tooth Whitening Treatment

The treatment can be carried out in the surgery, but there is also an ‘at home’ system using trays specially fabricated to your mouth which is then applied over several days or nights. The type of whitening treatment most suitable for your needs and timescale will be discussed with you by your dentist. Anyone may benefit from the whitening process, however the treatment may not be as effective for some as it is for others. Our dentists will determine if you are a suitable candidate for this process and will carry out a thorough oral examination and shade assessment prior to the treatment.